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Hoping for a blockbuster, Tetris game inspires movie

BEIJING (AP) — It could be a blockbuster. At least that's what a Chinese-American movie studio hopes to produce in a sci-fi thriller based on the popular 1980s video game Tetris.

The $80 million project is the first from the newly formed Threshold Global Studios, a joint venture between Chinese entertainment investor Bruno Wu's Seven Star Works and producer Larry Kasanoff's California-based Threshold Entertainment Group, which produces live action movies.

The joint venture "will make cross-cultural movies for the global market," a statement released Tuesday from the studio said.

Kasanoff added that the 32-year-old video game Tetris "is a perfect first project for this strategy."

The movie, whose name was not mentioned in the release, follows in the mold of such computer game-inspired film productions as "Resident Evil," ''Tomb Raider" and "Mortal Kombat."

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