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The Tetris movie will be a sci-fi thriller

Surprise! The Tetris movie is still in development.

We know, we know... closing your eyes and trying to forget about it is no way to stop such things.

But the producers, a blend of Chinese and US financiers still seem convinced it can work on screen despite its unlikely narrative appeal.

In its brief development history – it was first announced in 2014 and then Brett Ratner was attached as another producer, but is not mentioned in Deadline's update – the film has been touted as a sci-fi thriller and then a Social Network-style drama about Soviet game designer Alexey Pajitnov's struggle to receive proceeds for his work after its launch in 1984.

From the looks of the current iteration, it appears we're back in the sci-fi realm, with co-producer Larry Kasanoff claiming it's "not at all what you think, it will be a cool surprise", with an ensemble that includes Chinese cast members (to help with funding) and plans for a potential trilogy.

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