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With An $80 Million Budget, The 'Tetris' Movie You've Been Waiting For Is On The Way

We’re not sure why, but a combined Chinese and American production studio has pressed start on a feature film based on the best-selling video game series Tetris.

Yes, the Russian Tetris, with the memorable music and falling blocks that was launched to worldwide fame when it was packaged with Nintendo’s GameBoy handheld gaming systems in the 80s.

The one where one would wait endlessly for the four-brick long piece to fall so that they could score the game’s namesake. That Tetris.

The film has an $80 million budget and will be produced by Threshold Global Studios, a partnership between America-based Threshold Entertainment Group and China’s Seven Star Works.

The producers, Bruno Wu and Larry Kasanoff, envision it as an “epic sci-fi thriller” — and also as the first installment of a trilogy, of all things.

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