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Producer Lawrence Kasanoff reveals why you want a Tetris movie, not what it's about

When word got out that the world will soon be graced with a Tetris movie, the general reaction seemed to fall along the lines of "How can anyone make a movie out of Tetris?

What would a Tetris movie even be about?" and "Why would anyone want to make a movie out of Tetris?"

Lawrence Kasanoff, one of the film's producers, knows the answers to all of these questions, but he isn't ready to give them all away.

As to the "why" of a Tetris movie, however, he's actually got a lot to say—and when Looper hopped on the phone to quiz him about the upcoming production, he was happy to share. Looper: Well, it's probably not going to surprise you that I have the same first question that pretty much everyone else has had: why a film version of Tetris? Lawrence Kasanoff: "What the hell are you doing?"

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