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Movie based on 'Tetris' starts shooting in 2017

Yes, that movie based on the classic puzzle game Tetris is really happening.

A live-action science fiction movie based on the block-stacking puzzler will be co-produced by Threshold Entertainment Group and China’s Seven Star Works, the companies revealed in a joint statement Tuesday.

The project, carrying a budget of $80 million, starts shooting in China in 2017.

The Tetris film is the first movie in a joint venture between the two companies to produce and finance film under Threshold Global Studios.

Threshold Entertainment Group is run by veteran film producer Larry Kasanoff, who worked on another series of notable video game adaptations based on Mortal Kombat.

“Tetris, one of the most recognized video game franchises of all time, is a perfect first project for this strategy,” said Kasanoff in a statement.

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