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Review: Mindfulness: Be Happy Now – A Fascinating Look into How Celebrities Think

he budget for Mindfulness: Be Happy Now might be less than what Disney spent simply on the catering for the latest Avengers film, but this documentary might be the most Hollywood film released in 2015. The documentary, directed by Lawrence Kasanoff – a producer with credits on True Lies and Strange Days as well as a host of B-movie action films produced in the 1990s starring the likes of Christopher Lambert – is a look into the Buddhist concept of mindfulness and how people can use it in order to build a better life.

As a concept, mindfulness is perfect for Hollywood, since it is a mix of exotic religious belief and some of the more self-centered tenets of psychology. Just like The Secret, the concept seems tailor-made for Oprah Winfrey. Mindfulness: Be Happy Now does not feature an appearance by Winfrey herself, but it does feature interviews with Deepak Chopra, one of the many lifestyle celebrities made into a household name thanks to Winfrey’s influence.

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