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Live action 'Tetris' movie in development

Hollywood is officially out of original ideas. According to on September 30, a live action "Tetris" movie is in development based on the popular video game. Threshold Entertainment is currently working on the project, which will be a science fiction story and not just three dimensional blocks falling around. The film currently has no projected release date and special effects for the project are expected to prolong the process.

Threshold's CEO Larry Kasanoff recently revealed that the film will be a science fiction battle, and he has helmed previous video game adaptations such as 1995's "Mortal Kombat." The film and its sequel received positive reviews from fans of the game and beyond, and other video game adaptations have garnered success at the box office in the United States and abroad. The company is taking the idea of Tetris and making it have an intergalactic future, with possible sequels.

The film already has a script in the works, and currently no one in talks to appear in the project. Tetris has no people in it, only blocks of different geometric shapes and colors that fall in a random order. The only person involved in the game is the user, and it's possible the film could take a page from "Tron," and insert users into the game. The project is being slated as an action adventure film in space, so maybe the blocks represent different types of planets.

On September 30 The Huffington Post put together a list of possible plot lines that the film could use, including a romantic comedy or a zombie thriller. The website even compared the pieces to different actors that could play them, like actor Benedict Cumberbatch as the thin, blue piece. Given the success of other projects such as "The LEGO Movie," it's likely that this film will gross millions at the box office as well.

The game of Tetris was invented back in 1984 by Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov, although it did not become widely popular for another several years. Video game giant Nintendo included the game on its first GameBoy handheld system which was released in 1989. It is still the most downloaded game ever made and sold more than seventy physical copies worldwide.

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