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Tetris: The Movie and 5 other video games that would be better with popcorn

Remember when you were a kid and all you ever dreamed about was that one day, in the distant future, you'd finally get to see your favourite game Tetris in the cinema? No? Well... Tetris’ 30th birthday brings with it the bizarre (yet slightly awesome) news that the classic video game is being made into a movie.

The CEO of the company behind the film, Threshold Entertainment Group, told the Wall Street Journal that "this isn't a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page. We're not giving feet to the geometric shapes." So, since we're still not sure what it's going to be about or even how they’re going to do it, we’ve decided to take a look at a few other games with definite movie crossover potential...

With a game that’s all about the story and less about how it plays, it’s pretty ridiculous that this doesn’t already exist. If you’ve managed to stay under the spoiler radar for these games, you should know that it’s often accompanied with a pretty mind-melting ending. Think Inception on LSD.

Much like Tetris, we’re not even sure how they’d pull this off. But if watching it felt as tense as back in the day in a dingy arcade room, a small crowd growing to watch your efforts and a suitably sweaty joystick in hand, we’d definitely be happy to pay for our cinema ticket entirely in 10p coins. Alternatively, the 90 minute epic could feature nothing but a man and his Nokia, battling to the ends of the Earth on a black and white screen to kill those bloody invaders.

Alright, they did a couple of these already with Miss Jolie but they weren’t all that fantastic if we’re honest. Base it off those new games, how Lara Croft came to be with survival and stuff, and it’s already starting to sound more appealing. Chuck in some wild animals and a mental bow and arrow for some serious bonus points.

Another brain bender, this one is all about solving puzzles with a gun that can let you travel through walls, floors and ceilings - duh. With a brilliant story to boot, we’d love to watch this in the cinema – as long as it’s not in first person so we don’t projectile vomit onto the person in front.

This one is actually happening so keep that hidden blade up your sleeve ready for August next year. Apart from looking bloody awesome, you’ll hopefully get to watch a film that spans all over the world AND back in time. Get in the mood by donning a hoodie and standing on rooftops looking menacing.

Words by Ben Scott

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