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Yes, There’s Going To Be A Tetris Movie

All the pieces are falling into place: there’s going to be a movie based on the video game “Tetris,” and it’s going to be “a very big, epic sci-fi movie,” according to Threshold Entertainment CEO Larry Kasanoff.

Kasanoff announced to the Wall Street Journal that his company would partner with the Tetris Company to bring the classic puzzle game to the big screen.

The classic game, first released in 1984, has potential not only fora film but for spin-off experiences, Kasanoff said.

The brand has had strong presence in its decades of visibility, and Threshold has successful brought games to the big screen before. The production house is responsible for 1995′s “Mortal Kombat” and its 1997 sequel, “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.”

“What you [will] see in ‘Tetris’ is the teeny tip of an iceberg that has intergalactic significance,” Kasanoff said of the “Tetris” movie.

And, no, it won’t be anthropomorphized Tetris shapes acting as main characters: “We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes,” Kasanoff said.

Oooooh. Let’s just hope that Threshold can punch those buttons quickly enough to spin the pieces into place without getting blocked.

by kase wickman

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