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Someone Is Making A 'Tetris' Movie. No, Really. A 'Tetris' Movie.

There's an old cliche that Hollywood is running out of ideas. That's not entirely accurate. They have a whole vault of ideas. They just seem to be running out of good ideas. How else do you explain movies like Battleship, the RoboCop remake, and anything involving Johnny Depp post-Pirates of Caribbean?

One genre that's been consistently bad are remakes of video games. The two just don't belong together. Watching a movie based on a video game is like hanging out with an only child who never learned the concept of sharing. You end up spending all of your time watching him have fun on his computer. Plus, video games are becoming so powerful and realistic that they almost feel like movies themselves.

But despite all the evidence to the contrary, some movie marketing genius thought it would be a brilliant idea to try and turn Tetris into a movie.

Pure movie magic!

The old-school video game that made geometry a useful tool is being turned into an "epic sci-fi film" by Threshold Entertainment, the same studio that turned "Mortal Kombat" into two movies. The studio's CEO assured us that they wouldn't try to make a light-hearted romp out of the puzzle game by "giving feet to the geometric shapes." He assured the public that they are making a serious, hard edged film about blocks that magically fall from the sky and disappear into thin air when they form into a complete, uninterrupted line.

Normally we'd make a crack like "What's next? Pong: The Movie?" but we're sure that someone's working on that idea right now. (Source)

by DannyGallagher

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